Sunday, September 30, 2018

How to call Hide Number During Call any one showing Your Phone Number For ever 100 working

Hello Ever One How are you I think you are also fine .Today I will show you how to call Hide Number During Call any one showing Your Phone Number this trick 100% any country Lets start

Hey First you need Download  Android Apps you can Download  apps from playstore .I will Give you Download link Below Download Here And install Is 

Step 1: Download Apps And Install 

Step 2:  Now open This Apps. And click allow Option

Step 3: Now click Agree to Terms

Step 4:  Now  Inter your county code And phone Number and click  continue

Step 5: Now Brilliant Apps sent you a code .

Step 6: Now give this code Here  and click Next first you open this apps you get bd 3tk you can talk any phone number  any country. 

Step 7: Now inter your phone number and call your friend 

Step 8: Now see this I call my friend number you can see this 

Setp 9 : I Hope you understand now I show you how you can upload money and talk.
if you want to recharge this apps click setting and click User and Recharge 

Setp 9: You can recharge here other option 

Step 10: I will show you how to recharge here Bkash  first copy this number 

Step 11: Now go to you dial pad And dial *247# 

Step 12: Now inter 3 

Step 13: Now past here your copy Number and click sent 

Step 14:  Now enter you amount you want

Step 15: now  enter 1 and click sent

Step 16: now enter you password and click sent

Step 17: Now open you message and copy Trxid

Step 18: Now open apps past Trxid and  click submit

Step 19: now see i have only 3tk and you show 13k 

Step 20: Now you can use this money if you dont understand you cant see this video 

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