Sunday, October 21, 2018

How Add funds and Register New Domain from Namechilo website

Hello every one how are you i think every one fine. Today I will show you How Add funds and Register New Domain from NameSilo website. You can payment here without any master card and visa card you can payment here use bitcoin . So Lets start Now

Step 1:

First You need Create a new account NameSilo and then sing in website.
Click here

Step 2:

Now click Add Funds

Step 3:

 Now type this box you want to add fund in bitcoin to namechilo account and click Order

Step 4:

Now click Continue

Step 5: 

Now click Bitcoin

step 6: 

Now open your Bitcoin wallet and  sent this amount btc in this address you can see your namechilo account like my screenshot

Step 7: 

Now fine your Domain and chose Domain you want to register and click Register button

Step 8:

now click Namesilo account funds now click ok now you see domain has Register

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See this video for More info

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