Friday, October 19, 2018

How to make Android apps Without coding On your Android phone for Youtube and Website Apps Full Part

Hello Every One How are you .I Think every one fine. Today I will show you How to show Admob ads on your apps . this post is last post and full post how to make Android apps without coding for your youtube channel and website.

Lets start 
First see part 1/2/3 then see this post link below
part 1: click here
part 2: click here
part 3: click here

Step 1 :

First create a new admob account and copy Banner ads&Intersial ads code.

Step 2 : 

Now open thankble page and click admob ads . you can see screenshot and work . I mark in picture now copy your admobe ads code and past here Ad unit ID Box.

Step 3 : 

Now open every screen you want to show your admob ads on your apps. and past admob ads code.

Step 4: 

Now click thunkable and dwonload apps .

Step 5 :

now click Block And see My mark place and copy all text in this box.

Step 6 :

Now past this text on note you can show link. Now upload you apps any online storage  you download your apps and copy link and past here . then copy all text 

Step 7 : 

Now past here like screenshot

Step 8 : 

Now open all page and past all page text
now your apps complete and downlaod you apps and share your friend. If thanks every One

See this video for More info

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