Thursday, October 18, 2018

How to make Android apps Without coding On your Android phone for Youtube and Website Apps Part-3

Hello Every one how are you i think every one fine . welcome to  our new post  how to make android apps without coding part -3 today i will show you how to edit  about page.

so guys first see part-1 and part-2 then Read this post . lets start

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Part -1: click Here
Part 2: click Here

Step 1: 

Go to About page and click you want rename like my screenshot. so edit you want change any text

Step 2: 

Now you can see box if your any body type any think and click sent feedback and you can see  this message . so you need to open a account lets go how to open firebase account .

Step 3:

First Click This link 
and click add project 

Step 4: 

Type  your apps name and click create project like My screenshot.

Step 5:

 now see screen shot and click create database

Step 6: 

Now type Here false to true and publish this

Step 7: 

Now see this screen shot and copy this id

Step 8:

Now Open thankable and click fire base

Step 9:

now Past here fire base id you copy

 Today post end  next last post i will show you how to show adds on your apps form admob.
wait for next post is last post then you can use won youtube channel apps and you can share your apps with friend .

See this video for More info

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