Wednesday, October 03, 2018

How to install any app and Game on tencent gaming buddy


Hello every One how are you. I think Every One fine. Every Time I wish every one be happy. Now Today I will show you How to install any app and Game on tencent gaming buddy . you can use any android game and apps tencent gaming buddy

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Lets Start Now

Requirement :

1.Tencent Gaming buddy :Click Here ToDownload
2.Es File Explore : Click Here To Download
3. Dwonload apps you want install

Step 1 :  First open  tencent gaming buddy

Step 2:  Now Go to setting

Step 3 : Then click Language selected English To China 

Step 4 :  Now Quite Then Emulator 

Step 5 :  Now go windows(c)

Step 6 :  Open Temp Folder Then open TxGameDownload Folder Then open MobileGamePCShared Folder. Now connect your android Phone and copy Es File Explore, and apps you want to install

Step 7:  Now again open Emulator you can see full change then emulator. the language is china don,t worry you can change its English  now flow step and works . Now see screenshot and click

Step 8:  Now select es file explore and click open

Step 9 :  Open es file explore . Now See Screenshot And work

Step 10 :  Now open Data folder 

Step 11 :  Now Open Share 1 Folder

Step 12 :  Now you can see all apps here you can install apps here click apps install you want install

Step 13 : Now see screenshot and click

Step 14 : Now see screenshot and click

Step 14 : Now you can see i install already many apps

Thanks every one if you face any problem comment here

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