Saturday, November 17, 2018

How to fix pubg mobile loading,loading,loading lag in tencent gaming buddy New trick

Hello friend How are you .I think every one fine. So guys today i will show you.How to fix pubg mobile loding,loding,loding, in tencent gaming buddy. 

So guys many pepole  comment me bro how to fix How to fix pubg mobile loding,loading,loading, in tencent gaming buddy. when you open pubg mobile game you can see game is loading but you cant play game is loding and loding. Finally i fix this problem in my pc now i show you how to fix it and you can play better speed in pubg mobile game on your pc .

Lets start Now

Follow all step by step you can fix this problem 

Step 1 :

 First download this software its name Malwarebytes its in a antivirus software download link give in below 

Malwarebytes : click here

Step 2 : Now extract Malwerebytes zip file . Now you get to file now open this file mb3-setup-consumer- Now click pre-active. you can see in screenshot 

Step 3 : Now open Malwarebytes exe and install it and open its now you see this screenshot now click scan Now

Step 4 : Now wait some minute your pc now scan 

Step 5 : Now you can see scan result. if you can see some malware file found now click  Quarantine selected

Step 6 : Now click Quarantine and selected all file and click deleted.

Step 7 : Now play game and you can see this lag fix . if you face this problem you can do this every day scan your pc . I Hop you can play game in pc with out this problem .

See this video for More info

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